Should an employee always be dismissed for gross misconduct?

Should an employee always be dismissed for gross misconduct?

Gross misconduct is a serious breach of an employee’s contract of employment. It can include acts such as theft, violence, fraud, and gross negligence. When an employee commits an act of gross misconduct, an employer has the right to dismiss them without notice. However, this does not mean that an employer always has to dismiss an employee for gross misconduct. read article

Five ways to increase employee engagement

Five ways to increase employee engagement

We totally get it: if your employees are performing well, hitting deadlines and meeting targets, you may think ‘what’s the problem?’.

But, are your employees actually engaged with the work they’re doing? Are they on board with the company’s vision and your leadership? Are they passionate about their role and would they be happy to go the extra mile for the business? read article


How to prepare for a disciplinary

What does a disciplinary involve and what’s the usual procedure? We cover what SMEs need to know about disciplinary meetings.

What is a disciplinary?

A disciplinary is part of the process when a company wants to address an employee’s behaviour. Their manager may be concerned about their work, their general conduct or an unauthorised absence. 

The word “disciplinary” typically refers to the hearing itself. This is the meeting at which both sides present their cases about the matter, but it is only a part of the whole disciplinary procedure.  read article

Traffic light system holiday

Traffic Light System – what to consider when an employee asks for holiday.

England, Scotland, and Wales have announced that international travel is permitted as of 17 May 2021 under a traffic light system.

So far, there are only 12 countries on the green list and 43 countries on the red list with most countries on the amber list. If organisations are getting requests from an employee who wishes to travel to an amber list country, they should be aware that to do so would not be considered illegal, however, their employee should be prepared to adhere to the rules that come with visiting these countries. read article


How to prepare for a Performance Appraisal discussion

Leading a performance appraisal with an employee that is generally performing well can seem like a relatively straightforward task.

It’s still important for that meeting to be well structured, productive and useful for the employee.

Therefore, as a manager or employer, it is down to you to ensure that the performance appraisals that you are conducting are as effective, and valuable, as possible.

Here are six tips on how to conduct an effective performance appraisal. read article