Top Four Services

Top Four Services

The following are our top four services that we provide (we offer lots more): Please see our short explainer videos on the homepage for further details.


Working in partnership with you to provide recruitment consultancy services. Our model is based on utilising our expertise to save you time, cost and energy to find the best talent possible. You will only pay for the services you need support with, we do not charge based on employee placement, so you can bespoke your employee recruitment to what you need, when you need it. Business recruitment services can include: Salary benchmarking, advertising across all major job boards, reviewing of CVs & shortlisting, motivational screening & competency interviews.

Employment Contracts and Policies

Helping you to stay legal & compliant, whilst getting the best out of your people through clarity of roles and responsibilities for employee and employer in the employment relationship. We can provide you with the latest legally compliant employee contracts and bespoke them to your business, ensuring they are simple and easy to understand. HR policies play an important role in supporting a culture of trust, fairness and inclusion, along with speeding up decision making, by ensuring there are clear guidelines in place for everyone.

Appraisals/Performance Management

Employee engagement is important and Pink Fluff HR can work with you to put in place a performance management structure that gets the most out of your team. Our support can start from the point of induction, or we can introduce to an existing team, with the setting of clear objectives and measures, alongside regular reviews. We can help coach your managers through the best process or you can outsource completely to us. Either way, we can make sure the whole performance management process is simple and straightforward, giving you time back to grow your business.


Every business needs clear structure to deal with difficulties which may arise as part of the employer and employee relationship.  We can provide an independent service ensuring compliance with the latest employment law and Acas code of practice.  Covering all aspects of minor and major conduct breaches, complaints and appeals, in a fair and timely way, whilst not losing focus on the commercial needs of your organisation.  Working with Pink Fluff HR will minimise disruption, reduce distraction and maintain motivation within your business, whilst we deal with the challenges.