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HR Consultants In Southbourne, Dorset

HR Consultants In Southbourne, Dorset

Running a business can prove to be very difficult especially when dealing with the employees and the range of regulations.. Many businesses in the Southbourne area find it easier to outsource their HR functions rather than employing in-house professionals. Outsourcing human resources is time-saving and makes efficient use of your time and money. Have you got an HR problem – give Pink Fluff HR a call on 01202 497 522 or use our contact page.

About Pink Fluff HR

We are a human resource consultancy company that offers human resource advice, coaching and support to help you run your business in the Southbourne area. We have worked with human resource specialists and generalists in employment law to provide you with the best advice and guidance. Our employees are members of the chartered institute of personal development awarded to professional human resource personnel. 

We believe that a happy employee means good growth for a business. An employee who is not treated well at their place of work will not put much effort into producing great yields in their field of specialization. We therefore focus on ensuring a business owner receives the best human resource advice, guidance and support to foster good employee relations. 

These are some of the top benefits of hiring Pink Fluff HR consultants if you are in the in New Forest area. Employees form the lifeline of all business premises. Therefore, to get the best business outcomes, you need the best employees. Call us now on 01202 497 522 or use our contact page 


Pink Fluff HR staff are professionally trained, starting with our very own founder and HR consultant- Shivani. She has over two decades worth of HR experience, having served in various roles in human resources. 

Shivani has risen from HR generalist to an employment law specialist, rendering her services to large businesses and SME’s alike. She is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, further instilling confidence in clients. 

At Pink Fluff HR, the compelling belief is that employees yearn to do a good job and earn the rightful recognition. Therefore, their staffing guideline revolves around fostering a good employee-employer relationship. 

HR Advice 

Having been in the HR field for many years, Pink Fluff HR has some of the best ways for a firm or an individual can excel in  in your business in Southbourne, Dorset 

Having a Vision  

We believe we need to identify what you want to accomplish and why. Successful business owners s make it their business to know everything there is to know in the industry. And develop a strategy to realise their goals. We can help you to work with your staff to realise your aims. 

Strategic Thinking 

Every HR consultancy needs to be led by strategic thinkers. While strategy is fundamental for every HR consultancy team, technology has also become inseparable. It is worth acknowledging that technology goes a long way in improving the effectiveness of an HR consultancy. We have a dedicated IT department available to help if resources allow since not everyone is tech-savvy enough. 


What would an HR firm do without flexibility? In the sense of stretching beyond their comfort zone as Pink Fluff HR does. This is because all industries are evolving, and there is a need to keep up. HR firms can learn about new trends in the industry through networking events and using the internet. 

Performance Appraisal 

Performance appraisal plays a crucial role in boosting employee productivity. An employee’s performance is measured against some pre-set objectives during an annual process. Pink Fluff HR excels at conducting performance appraisals, guaranteeing organizations the best outcome from their employees. 

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