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HR Consultants in Boscombe, Dorset

HR Consultants in Boscombe, Dorset

Pink Fluff HR provide a wide range of HR services in the Dorset area including Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, New Forest and Boscombe. We are interested in providing you with your own HR department and relevant advice. Many SMEs can’t afford and HR person let alone an HR department but the issues of employing people today, whether you are a small business or a medium size one can be complicated. Each business has its own issues – call us on 01202 497 522 to discuss your problems

Using local HR Consultants

One of the benefits of using Pink Fluff HR is our local knowledge of the Boscombe area. There are many different issues that you may need to consider when employing someone – 

HR Services

  • Recruitment and hiring – the recruitment process can be time consuming and expensive, indeed tricky if you do not adhere to the legal requirements.  You will need to recruit employees with the best potential to help your business and therefore careful screening and interviewing is important 
  • Staffing issues – once you have hired your members of staff you will need to keep them motivated and engaged in your business and find ways to encourage them to give their best.  
  • Staff training – one way of doing this is to offer staff training. We can organise training sessions for you or work alongside you. You can show your intention to invest in the development of your staff by offering relevant training sessions. 
  • Staff conduct issues – how to deal with disruptive or awkward staff. You need to know what you can and can’t say! 
  • Tribunal support – If the problems go this far you will need some expert advice and support through the process 
  • Performance appraisal – Everyone likes to know that they are doing well but many small business owners don’t have the time to organise effective one to one appraisal. 
  • Compliance – employment law is probably one of the most complicated areas and most small business owners will admit they only know the basics. Let us help you to provide the best professional advice 
  • General HR Advice – there are many aspects of HR advice and we will be happy to answer your questions 

These are some of the top benefits of hiring Pink Fluff HR consultants. Your employees form the lifeline of all business premises. Therefore, to get the best business outcomes, you need the best employees. Call us now on 01202 497 522 or use our contact page 

Boscombe, Dorset:

Boscombe developed from a small village in 1865 to an example of a typical English seaside holiday resort next to Bournemouth and between the wars it was one of Bournemouth’s wealthiest areas with many large Victorian and Edwardian family houses. Its first pier opened in 1889 and there are still many examples of different architectural styles within the town, ranging from the elaborate Victorian style of the Royal Arcade to notable examples of Art Deco. 

Boscombe continued to expand with the growth of B&B, Hotels and rented accommodation and this has meant the rise of many small businesses and possibilities of employment of local people. 

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